Lighting within Vacuum inspection chamber

Greenstock lighting has worked closely with West Technology Systems to develop a lighting solution to be used within their Fingerprint Vacuum Metal Deposition Systems.

West Technology Forensics is the leading manufacturer of Vacuum Metal Deposition Systems for latent fingerprint development on non/semi-porous and porous exhibits. Their VMD systems are widely used by Government Agencies and Police Departments worldwide.

Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) is one of the most powerful latent finger mark development techniques available to the modern forensic scientist. The forensic VMD process can be used to develop latent fingermarks on a wide range of non-porous and semi-porous exhibits.

For example:

• Flexible Plastic Packaging           • Narcotics Packaging

• Firearms                                       • Thermal Paper Receipts

• Bank Notes                                  • Fabrics

The standard VMD process employs the sequential deposition of a very thin layer of a range of metal in a vacuum chamber. 

During the VMD process, it is critical that the evidence inside the vacuum chamber is evenly lit to ensure that the forensic scientist can see the fingerprint develop.

Currently utilising Halogen technology, the company was seeing high levels of customer complaints due to early bulb failure and inconsistent light levels across the inspection chamber. Keen to upgrade the lighting within these machines to the latest technology, West Technology recognised that their knowledge of lighting technology was limited. They therefore contacted Greenstock to help with this process.

Taking into account the visual inspection application along with specific customer requirements unique to operating within a vacuum Greenstock had to consider the following key points

  • Selection of materials with low out gassing properties
  • Lack of air voids within product to avoid problems generating vacuums
  • High light output but with lack of glare towards inspection operator Even and constant light output to aid accurate inspection.

The resulting product achieved a very high lumen output using LED technology at a specific kelvin rating to suit the application. the LED luminaire was designed in a linear format to give the best possible light distribution.

Greenstock supply this luminaire is multiple lengths to suit differentt size inspection chambers. with the largest chambers having a double wide LED PCB to maximise light levels.

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